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Norwood Sentraal Primary School in Norwood, Elsies River, Western Cape

Norwood Sentraal Primary School is a public primary school. In 2014 there were 723 registered learners, including 60 Grade R learners.

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  •  Boarding School
  •  Dinaledi School
  •  No Fee School
  •  Private/Independent School
  •  Public School
  •  Quids Up School
  •  Section 21 School

Contact Us

Norwood Sentraal Primary School

 C.P.R. Mathys


268 Halt Road

Norwood, Elsies River

Western CapeSouth Africa

33° 55′ 36.372″ S,
18° 34′ 23.448″ E

+27 21 932 0841

+27 72 348 2337

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  • R102 (Empangeni to Cape Town)

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